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In his own words:

At present I am mostly in private clinical practice consulting, supervising and teaching in Finland and abroad. Last years I’ve been mainly interested in cultural psychology and culture itself as a phenomena in its own rights. However, my most precious thoughts and professional desires are connected with reframing the psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a moral instead of medical treatment (I call this turn “NewPsy”). The idea is old – jus to mention Sigmund Freud himself, Thomas Szasz, Paul Ricoeur and Philip Rieff. Yet until now it was never implemented by psychoanalytic institutes in their teaching or accepted and supported as such by social institutions. In a long run medical and scientific model undermined the spirit of our profession and became the obstacle for its development and adequate funding. This has to be changed and first of all in our own professional mindset. Being widely accepted, the correct understanding of our position could contribute to social cohesion, to the development of value system and help to spread the море humane Worldview. This developmental line became the main focus of my work.
Levas Kovarskis